White Moss Information Update.

ARAG has questioned the information that objections to this development previously submitted, to Cheshire East Planning, would be ignored because an amended application had been submitted. It seemed wrong that where an application number had not changed, and only part of the developer’s application information had been amended, that all residents objections would have to be re-submitted.

ARAG approached Councillor Derek Longhurst (Independent) and asked him to seek clarification from the Cheshire East Case Officer, for the White Moss application, and he has received e-mail confirmation that all objections from residents will be taken into consideration but residents should send further comments regarding the latest changes made by the applicant if considered necessary.

We would therefore encourage everyone to look carefully at the additional documents, recently added to the application webpage (available here) and submit your objections by 17th July 2014.

You can find some background information on the previous White Moss application here.