White Moss Quarry Update

Town Council meeting covering White Moss Quarry

The Town Council held a meeting on Tuesday 26th February to discuss the fact that a development proposal had been discussed for 700 houses on the border of Alsager in the White Moss Liaison Group with Town Council representatives and that this ‘material information’ had not been reported to the Town Council when it was considering its response to the Cheshire East Development Strategy.  The minutes of that meeting show:

At the meeting of the Town Council’s Planning and Community Services Committee held on Tuesday 26th February

2013 the following addendum to the Alsager Town Council’s Consultation response dated 20th February 2013 was

unanimously agreed:

As the Town Council has expressed serious concern on Page 1 of its response on the impact on Alsager of the proposed new settlement at Barthomley, then the Town Council contend that there is an equally clear case for formal consideration of such a proposal for White Moss Quarry on the impact on Alsager”

This council meeting was well attended by members of the public and ARAG members. There was a good contribution from the floor. The outcome was consistent with ARAG’s request to the Town Council and this is a good example of “working together”.