White Moss Quarry – Sunday Working

Two planning applications, 13/4683W and 13/4685W, has been submitted for the White Moss Quarry to allow plant maintenance 07.30 – 18.00 on Sundays for both aggregate re-cycling and working sand and peat..

Residents along Close Lane, who are subjected to noise, traffic  and dust during the week and who report regular violations of planning conditions anyhow, are strongly against this.  Please support the Close Lane campaign to keep Sunday as a day of rest.

To quote one objection:

please allow us 1 day a week of quiet, 6 days a week of noise and dust is
already too much, and like previous comments, there are operations going on well
outside the permitted times, as early as 6am and we have actually heard tipping and
other noises as late as 1am on occasion. this should not be allowed.

You can place your objections to these two applications  here.  and here We have until 11/12/2013 to object.