Councillors Defer White Moss Decision

A decision on the White Moss planning application, amended from 1000 to 350 houses, was deferred by members of Cheshire East’s Strategic Planning Board.

Councillor Rod Fletcher submitted a statement, because he could not be present, but there was no one there from the Town Council. Verbal presentations were made by Alderman Derek Bould (for ARAG) and Sylvia Dyke which helped to point out serious anomalies in the officer’s report and set the scene about how poor it was.

This was taken up, initially by Independent Councillor Brendan Murphy who proposed Refusal of the application; but it was Local Councillor Derek Hough, who in addition to seconding this proposal, proceeded to step-by-step dismantle the report and identify the contradictions, confusion and missing information throughout the document.

At this point the Chairman of the Strategic Planning Board admitted that he had been thoroughly confused by the report and proposed Deferral until the report could be freshly prepared and debated. Following a short debate, Deferral was accepted almost unanimously.

We await the next move, but a ‘Thank You‘ to Derek Hough for a job well done.