White Moss – Amended Proposal

The White Moss planning proposal has been changed, so that now 350 houses are proposed on the site for this phase, instead of the previously proposed 1,000. You can find the objection pages here

If you submitted an objection to the previous 1,000 houses, it is important to re-submit.  You have until 17/7/2014.

Cheshire East decided unilaterally to include the White Moss as a Strategic Location and increase Alsager’s housing Allocation.  This has now grown from the 1,000 agreed in the Town Strategy to 1,600.  In the coming months we can expect this to rise to at least 2,000.  This action by Cheshire East ignored the Town Council, the Town Strategy and all objections to this proposal and the increase in Alsager’s allocation.  It has been imposed without agreement.  In doing this and including the White Moss in its submitted Local Plan, Cheshire East is overruling the local community and supporting the developer’s case.  This behaviour is consistent with events of the last 18 months.  Housing is being dumped on Alsager in an unplanned way and in inappropriate places.  There is no coherent attempt to rectify the absence of employment in Alsager or  improve the infrastructure.

You can find some background information on the previous White Moss application here.  You can also look at other objections or the developer’s arguments by going to the application here.  Click on the first column to read the content.

If you want to stop this unwanted development and register your opinion on Cheshire East’s actions, please register your objection before 17/7/2014.