White Moss Planning Application for 1000 Houses.

The White Moss planning proposals for 1,000 houses will be considered at the Strategic Planning Board Meeting at 2.00 pm on Tuesday 10th Jun 2014 in the Municipal Buildings, Earle Street, Crewe.  Cheshire East has undermined any effective objection to this proposal by declaring it a Strategic Location, for 350 houses, in its submitted Local Plan although it recommends Refusal of the current application for 1000 houses. The two reasons given for refusal are based on intrusion into open countryside and highway issues.

For many years, this site has contained a quarry for peat, gravel and sand extraction and there is a long and involved history of dedicated residents objecting to activities on the quarry site and the surrounding fields.  Cheshire East has not enforced the Quarry licence conditions  and in fact, the ombudsman identified 11 counts of Council maladministration associated with the Triangle Field at the entrance to the site. Most of these complaints were associated with removal and falsification of information from the Council web site.

There has been a lot of unusual activity around White Moss information. The latest example is that concerns were raised by BAe Systems Radway in November 2013 which was not made available on the Cheshire East website until the 29th May 2014.  This is unfortunate and again misleading because it showed that BAe systems commissioned a detailed Consultant’s Report which duplicated and pre-dated some of the work done on the ARAG Traffic Survey and came to the same conclusion.  You can view the consultant’s report here

This development is not sustainable.


Some of the main objections are:

  • The Quarry Site is subject to a detailed Restoration Order which returns it to a Nature Reserve with Public Access and Water Sport Amenity. So we would not be losing a Sand Quarry – we would be losing a future Nature Reserve and Public Amenity.

  • Noise Pollution from the M6 Motorway is often above 72db, which puts it into the governments Planning Guideline, Noise Exposure ‘D’ Category , where Planning Permission should normally be Refused.

  • Air Pollution levels have not been measured on this site to prove that they are within national safety limits. Dangerous particulate pollution and hourly Nitrogen Dioxide gas limits have not been measured. There is no evidence that the site will be safe for people to live so close to the motorway but there is published evidence that living so close to a motorway is a health risk.

  • Alsager is an Area of Restraint, for house building, because of its proximity to Stoke on Trent and Newcastle under Lyme who have government supported Regeneration Area Status. These two authorities have already voiced their concerns and submitted formal objections about any proposed house building on White Moss.

  • Traffic from this site, together with the cumulative impact of other developments in Alsager will place an unsustainable load on the traffic network and threaten the viability of the Radway industrial complex.

  • Cheshire East senior officers have already admitted, at Planning Appeals, that Alsager is NOT Sustainable as a Key Service Centre because of shortage of employment and having some roads that are operating above capacity. The town just can’t support this massive development on its doorstep.

  • The Triangle Field, which is where the main entrance to the site would be, is the subject of an Ombudsman’s Investigation. The 11 counts of Cheshire East’s mal-administration contributed to their ‘flawed decision’ to issue a Certificate of Lawful Establish Use or Development (CLEUD). The Triangle Field is greenfield and not licensed for quarrying so should not be included within the site.