URGENT – White Moss Action Needed

White Moss Action Needed

We have produced a very important flyer about the White Moss, please read it here, make sure you object before the deadline (20/11/2013 ), print it off and circulate to friends and neighbours.  We must make sure the objections represent the views of our Community, not outside influences. Your support is urgently needed.

The deadline for White Moss Objections is Wednesday 20th November 2013.  So far the number of comments is low ( 79 ) and a significant number of these are from surrounding places with their own opinions and influences rather than the more relevant views of Alsager residents. We need to make sure that Alsager’s voice is heard.  This proposal is a huge threat to Alsager.

If, despite all the compelling arguments against,  Cheshire East pass the White Moss planning application, it will double Alsager’s housing allocation and open the door to an additional 3,000 houses in Alsager, a 60% growth.

You will already have seen the road chaos caused by the relatively small Crewe Road development.  Developing on the White Moss would guarantee that kind of disruption for many years.  Our infrastructure simply can’t take it.

You can help to shape Alsager’s future, it certainly needs your support:

  • Please object to the White Moss Quarry planning application 13/4132N here.
  • Read the flyer here.  Print off a few copies and circulate to your friends and neighbours.
  • The flyer contains some objections, you can see others here.
  • Copy this e-mail to all of your local friends and neighbours, encourage them to object.

If you want to stop this undemocratic, unjustified, unwanted, damaging development, please object, we only have 5 days left.

Raising Objections – some points.

ARAG members have often said that their objections are not getting through on the Cheshire East Website.  The main issue is that when the submit button is pressed, nothing happens.  This is usually because a mandatory field ( marked with red asterisk ) has not been entered.  In this case, the web site doesn’t tell you, it just refuses to do anything.  The most often missed field is “General Comments”.  If you don’t have any, still enter a No.

If this doesn’t work, you can e-mail your objection to planning@cheshireeast.gov.uk.

Say why your are submitting by e-mail, quote the planning reference number, your name, status ( Resident / neighbour ) address and post code + of course your objection.