Town Council Vote Against Building proposals

The Alsager Town Council at a well attended meeting (5/12/2012) voted unanimously and in the strongest terms  to reject the Hall Drive(12/4150C)  and Dunnocksfold Road (12/4146C) building proposals.  This position will be communicated to the Cheshire East Strategic Planning Board who will make the decisions to accept or reject these proposals in February 2013.

The text of these rejections will go on this web site when it becomes available.

One of the main points against both of these speculative building proposals is that they do not conform with the Alsager Town Plan.  The Cheshire East Strategic Planning board meets today ( 6/12/2012) to discuss their Housing Development Strategy for Cheshire East.  It is expected that Cheshire East will accept that strategy document on 10th December.  There will then be public consultation and this means that an agreed emerging plan should exist from around 15/1/2013 and this will contain the Alsager Town Plan.  Alsager will be well represented at that meeting.

The Cheshire East Emerging Plan will provide strong reasons for the planning board to reject any application that does not conform with the Alsager Town Plan.

Every building proposal for a greenfield site that does not conform with our Town Plan is a threat to Alsager as a whole.  It is essential that the Residents of Alsager express their points of view and make their feelings known on both the Dunnocksfold Road and the Hall Drive proposals.  Please get your objections in.  We currently have 250 objections in for Hall Drive and 49 for Dunnocksfold Road and more are needed.  

The end date for objections is 20/12/2012.


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