Town Council Meeting and UTC Decision

The Town Council decided at their meeting on 14/5/2013 that they could not support the ARAG proposal for the MMU site through development of a University Technical College (UTC). The reasons given were that it was ‘inappropriate’ and that any such proposal should come from the ‘Education Community’.

ARAG has received numerous messages from Residents expressing their disappointment with this outcome and because of that, Councillor Derek Longhurst has produced a paper which documents the whole process, including the Town Council Meeting. That paper can be viewed here . It is an extremely useful paper which explains a lot.

The Town Council was simply being asked to provide support in principle for a UTC at this stage. Without Town Council Support, it is highly unlikely that there will be any Cheshire East or Political support. Furthermore, Staffordshire University which had expressed an interest and shown commitment to a UTC in Alsager, would obviously need Cheshire East support to start the project. Without support from the Town Council, ARAG is unable to progress this proposal any further.

ARAG remains focused on protecting our Greenfields from speculative development proposals. ARAG is also committed to realising the aspirations for the MMU stated in the Alsager Town Plan:

  • no more than 300 dwellings on the Brownfield element of the site.
  • a Sports Hub.
  • retention of all of the Sports Fields and the best publicly funded Buildings.
  • a mixed use of the site.
  • residential housing for the elderly/ community village
  • benefit for Alsager residents; health, leisure, lifelong learning.

ARAG feels that it is essential to maximise the input we have at our disposal to represent the views of Alsager Residents at both the Cheshire East Strategic Planning Board and subsequently at appeals boards. Strength of feeling is often gauged by Inspectors and others not only by the arguments presented but also by demonstrating wide participation from the Community, The Town Council and Cheshire East Councillors. We recognise that some of our elected members have a good record of representation and some, a larger group are never seen.