Town Council election – Derek Longhurst.

Derek Longhurst

Residents in the Central Ward of Alsager will have the opportunity to vote for a new Town Councillor on Thursday 18th April 2013. Two candidates are standing for election, one Independent ( Derek Longhurst ) and one Labour ( Trevor Newbould )

Alsager Residents Action Group ( ARAG ) is none political and has members of every political persuasion and our position is clearly stated in our Aims and Objectives. We are an independent residents group that is not affiliated to any Political Party or other organisation.

Derek Longhurst, the Independent candidate has written to ARAG and asked if we would support him to become a member of Alsager Town Council, his letter is available by clicking here.

Because he is not linked to a political party, and has the same stated overall aims as ARAG, we believe it is entirely appropriate for ARAG to support his candidacy. However, there will not be any sponsorship from ARAG and therefore no funding support for his campaign; but naturally individual residents are free to assist in any way that they feel is appropriate if they wish.

Our president, Hon Alderman Derek Bould, is a personal friend of Professor Longhurst and, on an individual basis, has written a supporting testimonial which can be viewed here.