Tilly Fields, Nursery Road, Oakhanger

Cheshire East Planning Department is in receipt of an application for a
smallholding at Tilly Fields, Nursery Road, Oakhanger, reference:
12/2922N. When travelling west up Nursery Road over the  motorway
bridge, it is the field on the right just after the entrance to
Oakhanger Aquatics. There is also a footpath along one of the

The field abuts a Ramsar site, the only one in our vicinity. This
Ramsar site is of special scientific interest and is protected by
European Law. It contains fauna found nowhere else in the world. It is
already degrading and is currently under investigation by Natural
England.  It is of concern too that the application is open ended as
the development is not complete and consequently not detailed on the
application also it is contrary to the Crewe and Nantwich Local Plan.

If you have an interest in protecting our environment; objection to
this application would be most welcome.
The closing date for letters of objections (or emails) is 5th December 2012.


Some words from a resident:


I have often walked over Tilly Fields. The track and surrounding areas are beautiful, especially in the frosts and mists of wintertide. This is an important recreational route for the residents of Alsager and Oakhanger, and an area unlike any others in the area.

That is probably because it is immediately adjacent to a designated site of special scientific interest. It has all kinds of wildlife ranging from the common (rabbit, hare, fox, as well as a very full range of birds including all kinds of finch, wren, and the more common species like tits and sparrows) to the rarer (deer, badger and smaller forest fauna, woodpeckers, nuthatches, goldfinch, jay) and some flora that are absolutely unique world-wide. It is therefore an area protected by British and European law from being allowed to degrade, let alone from being developed upon. Its condition is already the subject of an investigation by Natural England, so they would be down on Cheshire East like a ton of bricks if this proposal were approved.

It is the greenest of green field sites, quite unnecessarily in an area where there are more than sufficient brown field sites nearby in Crewe, Haslington, Winterley and Alsager for the housing needs of the next decade or two.

Crewe and Nantwich borough developed a local plan when the borough existed, which excludes this land from development. This plan is still in force and valid and should be adhered to.

Access is dire, along long and winding single track roads in both directions. Even if the roads were upgraded at the cost of millions, they would tip a large percentage increase in traffic onto the road to Winterley.

This long, winding single track road is well used throughout its length by walkers, riders and cyclists as being a safe route. It would no longer be so: even with current levels of development cars sometimes impede each other and other road users.

Drainage of the fields there is dismal. The land is waterlogged for most of the time from early autumn to late spring, and worse this year with the wet summer.

To my knowledge there are no sewers and completely inadequate electricity and water supply for a housing development in that location. These would add to the millions needed for access upgrade.