The MMU – A Lost Opportunity for Alsager

ARAG wrote to Fiona Bruce on 29th June 2014 concerning the loss of 500 job opportunities in Alsager and the ‘party political’ blocks which deliberately obstructed the establishment of a University Technical College (UTC) in our town.  At the beginning of March we fully informed Fiona Bruce, and the Leader of Cheshire East (Michael Jones), of this ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity and since then it has proved impossible to establish any constructive dialogue with either party.   The ARAG proposal and this great opportunity have been ignored and wasted.

Ten days after having acknowledged receipt of our letter of 29/06, there has been no response from Fiona Bruce and therefore we make our letter publicly available here.

We consider it a disgrace that the wishes of our Community, and the opportunities presented by bringing up to 500 new jobs and a UTC to Alsager, have been ignored in this way.

This is even more ridiculous when considering the likelihood that Cheshire East actions will bring more than 2,500 houses ( more than 6,000 new residents, a minimum of 50% growth ) to Alsager in the next 20 years.  Presumably, when the damage has been done and the present incumbents have achieved their objectives and moved on,  the next step will be to try and develop a College and bring new jobs to the area.  We – and our children and grandchildren – are the ones who will have to live with their so called “hard decisions”.

Instead of becoming a Centre of Excellence, with growth of jobs and opportunities, Alsager is condemned to to become a large commuter town with little in the way of infrastructure.

It appears to us that the stance taken by Michael Jones and Fiona Bruce assumes we will simply go away if they maintain their silence.  We feel that the level of  support that we have been given by residents and the tremendous amount of hard work involving numerous people on this project deserve to be treated professionally and to be given some answers.  WE ARE NOT GOING AWAY and would urge as many of you as possible to write, telephone and send your e-mails to both Fiona Bruce and Michael Jones expressing the obvious disappointment which we know exists within the community.   We need your support in this matter if it is simply not to fade away.