SHLAA Challenge

The appeal against a Cheshire East decision to reject  a development of 160 houses in Congleton Road, Sandbach started today in Crewe and 3 ARAG officers were in attendance.  

Developers are appealing this decision and they are using the appeal to challenge the validity of Cheshire East’s Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA).  We understand from the meeting that several developers have joined together to fully fund and mount a campaign to discredit the SHLAA.

If the developers are successful in challenging Cheshire East’s ability to deliver a 5 year housing supply, then this could have a significant damaging effect on Alsager.

Cheshire East have to demonstrate a 5 year supply in order to be able to reject inappropriate development.  

By the end of the first day of the appeal, which could run for over 8 working days, Cheshire East Planning Officers appear to be developing a robust and effective defence.  Sandbach Councillors and various Sandbach action groups also gave very strong presentations and added to that defence.

ARAG will present to the appeal in the coming days to support our Sandbach neighbours and to add our voice to the defence of the SHLAA.   The result of this appeal will be very relevant to the several outstanding Alsager appeals, for example, Hassall Road, Dunnocksfold Road and Sandbach Road North.