Sandbach Road North

Sandbach Road North

A new application has been received for the Sandbach Road North site.

It has an Application Number of  14/3919C and it can be viewed here.

  This site has some history.  It was first proposed as Planning application 12/4872C on 21-Dec-2012 you can view the original proposal and the objections raised here.  

 The original application was rejected by Cheshire East but the developer appealed.  The Inspector rejected the appeal but the Developer then went to judicial review.  The judicial review overturned the appeal decision which means that the appeal will now have to be re-run.

This new application attempts to overcome some of the objections raised by Residents, Cheshire East and the Inspector and presumably intends to cause some confusion at the forthcoming appeal.  It is however not included in the Local Plan or the Town Strategy, it is in a ridiculously dangerous place ( opposite the Wilbraham Pub  and just before the very narrow road and pinch point leading out of Alsager ), it is a very obvious intrusion into open countryside and it damages the nature of the surrounding countryside in a very picturesque part of Alsager which is close to the Salt Line.  Alsager already has received significantly more planning consents than the Local Plan target and Alsager is an area of housing restraint, a policy which is supported by neighbouring Stoke-on-Trent and Newcastle Under Lyme Authorities.

Please support the residents of this area and object to the proposal here before 25/9/2014.