Rhodes Field Objections

As previously posted, Rhodes Field, planning reference 13/3032C is a planning application for 110 residential houses to the South of Close Lane, and the junction with Crewe Road. 

This is another example of a speculative development proposal on a Greenfield site.  It is outside the settlement boundary and is therefore an intrusion into open countryside.  The Close Lane Crewe Road junction is particularly dangerous and Close Lane itself, often used as a cut through, is a narrow country lane.  This plot is also not a preferred site in the Town Plan, which proposes well planned development on Alsager’s Brownfield sites.

If you look at the home page on this site here, you will see a map of all the speculative development proposals currently threatening Alsager.  If the Developers have their way, we will get around 3,000 houses in Alsager, rather than the  1,000 allocation set by Cheshire East and adopted in the Town Plan.

Employment in Alsager is below the minimum for a Key Service Centre and Alsager’s infrastructure is already stretched to the limit.  This is why we need appropriate and well planned development on our Brownfield sites and not random development to suit Developer needs.

Objections end 4/9/3013.  Please go to the Cheshire East website and place your objections here.  You can also see  other objections from residents on that page.  A strong response from the Community makes a big difference.

Please be aware that sometimes, the Cheshire East Website appears not to respond when your objection is submitted.  Keep pressing the submit button and eventually it will take it.