Overwhelming Reaction to our UTC/MMU Post.

ARAG has been overwhelmed by your reaction, via e-mail and telephone, to the recent ‘Post’ that we published about our University Technical College proposal for the MMU site. These reactions have ranged from absolute disgust to outright anger about the UTC, jobs and educational opportunities lost to our town.

A number of you have asked if it would be a good idea if they were to publicise what has happened by directing people to our ‘Post’ and to contact MMU/DTZ, local MPs, editors of local and national newspapers, the Prime Minister, Michael Gove, local television and radio and anyone else who might have clout.

We have to admit that this would have far more effect than the usual efforts by ARAG officers and would clearly demonstrate the outrage that members of the public so obviously feel. So if you feel able to, do put pen to paper or pick up the telephone and tell the ‘world out there’ about this appalling behaviour by our local politicians.

It is also worth mentioning that while our ‘Post’ explained about the 300 IT jobs that would be created by the Lead Sponsors Development Centre it must be remembered that the UTC itself would create at least a further 150 jobs, across a wide range from teachers/lecturers to support staff, so the total job opportunities lost to Alsager is actually 450.

Alsager has many qualified and skilled people, we really need the jobs here in our town, and there is no clash between an IT based UTC in Alsager and a Industrial based UTC in Crewe. It is incredible that local politicians have closed their minds to this ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity for purely political reasons.