Responding to the Cheshire East Draft Development Strategy

As you know, Alsager residents have a once only opportunity to comment on the Cheshire East Draft Development Strategy (DDS) by 26th Feb.

For some this can seem a daunting process – as is reading and understanding the documents! In response to these concerns we have compiled some basic information and suggestions for your responses here. We accept that some people may disagree with some or even all our suggestions and residents have to decide for themselves how they wish to comment.  

We would also be grateful for your feedback here on any or all of the issues and how you responded to the DDS if you have no objection to sharing this with us. Thank you.

This a crucial time for Alsager residents who have to imagine what the whole town, not just their immediate locality, will look like in 20 or 30 years. It is not our wish to stop development which is properly planned which is why we have always focussed on the whole town, its environs and the infrastructure problems – which is what we would expect Cheshire East to do.

We have restricted our comments to issues affecting Alsager and its immediate surroundings including the unavoidable impact on Alsager of any likely development in Barthomley and Church Lawton. Also at White Moss Quarry specifically and Haslington Parish in general, all of which are outside the Alsager Town boundary but which must nevertheless be considered because Alsager is named in the DDS as a Key Service Centre which by definition includes all of the above.

We do urge residents who have not yet done so, to urgently consider and make some sort of response to the Cheshire East DDS consultation process – and to please encourage others to do so if possible – because the views and proposals of developers and others in their responses – with perhaps no real concern or interest in the future for Alsager apart from short-term financial gain – must surely be challenged, not to mention some of the intentions of Cheshire East Council as laid out in the DDS.

When making your comments to Cheshire East please refer freely to the information we have provided here but please note that simply copying material rather than using your own words and also sending duplicate submissions from the same address somewhat lessens the impact! This also applies to comments on planning applications.

There have been reports of more problems with the Cheshire East website crashing but we have been told that there is no question of the consultation period being extended because of this. If for any reason you are unable to submit your comments on the DDS through their website here you can email them to here