Pothole update 27/2/2013

Following a meeting with the Leader of Cheshire East Council; to discuss Speculative Housing Development in Alsager and also the wide ranging effect these developments would have on the Town infrastructure, the subject of the existing appalling state of our roads was raised.
As we reported earlier, Councillor Jones said that if ARAG told him where the very bad potholes were in Alsager he would get them fixed and so, through our website, we asked you to let us know where the very bad potholes where located.

Naturally we had a tremendous response and as a result we photographed and listed the worst ones and sent the details to Councillor Jones at Cheshire East. We did not wish to send a list of every pothole in Alsager, we doubt that we have sufficient paper, so we concentrated on the really bad ones so that we could see if Councillor Jones was as good as his word.

It took a couple of weeks for Cheshire East Highways department to get itself into gear but gradually, with some notable exceptions, most of the very bad potholes were filled.
Certainly the very bad potholes, that had received the most responses from you, were done.
Sadly, before much of this work had been completed we suffered another period of very severe weather and many new potholes developed, often near to those which had been reported, so although there has been some improvement in the overall situation there is still a long way to go.

During a further meeting with Cheshire East Officers, including the Head of Highways, ARAG pointed out the very poor quality of some of the repair work. Residents had reported that contractors had arrived on site, thrown a couple of shovelfuls of cold tarmac into a pothole, hit with the back of their shovel and driven away.
This practice had also been witnessed by one of ARAG’s committee members.

The Head of Highways was asked what was being done about ensuring Quality Control and we also pointed out that contractors were repairing 5cm deep potholes (Cheshire East’s Priority 1) and ignoring 3 and 4cm deep potholes alongside.
This cannot be a cost effective use of scarce resources.

We must have had some impact because on some of the roads in Alsager, during recent weeks, whole areas have been repaired instead of the inadequate practices they were previously adopting.
We hope this will become the standard used by Cheshire East Highways, in the future.

Because ARAG must concentrate its efforts on planning applications and development proposals, that will affect the future of our Town, we do not have the resources to keep re-doing pothole surveys but; as a community, we must not relax our efforts.
Please help us and our community by reporting potholes to Cheshire East Highways Department.

You can do this by simply clicking onto the link here.