Planning Proposals – Objections.

Objections to Planning Proposals

Alsager Residents are now faced with an increasing number of speculative Housing Development proposals.

Even when Cheshire East has rejected a proposal, developers are appealing those decisions and also re-submitting proposals. This has now happened  3 times to: Hall Drive, Close Lane and Dunnocksfold Road.  The White Moss proposal for 1,000 houses has also been submitted even though Residents are currently considering whether or not the White Moss should be allowed as a Strategic Location through Cheshire East’s consultation process.

With so much going on, it would be very easy to miss the objection deadline for a particular proposal and it is extremely important to demonstrate that the Alsager Community does not want the level of development which Developers are trying to impose on us.  Please support  Alsager residents from all areas by registering your objections

The following list shows the outstanding planning proposals, their deadlines and where to object.  Please add your voice to the objections and encourage your friends and neighbours  to voice their opinions as well, perhaps you could forward this post to them.

We object to any proposal which is not a part of the Town Plan.

Hall Drive

This planning application was rejected, an appeal is imminent but the developer has re-submitted the application, please object urgently, only 2 days to go.


Planning reference 13/4092C
 Objections HERE
 Objections End  15-Nov-2013

Close Lane

This planning application was rejected, an appeal is imminent but the developer has re-submitted the application, please object urgently.  The deadline has been extended because details have been corrected on: Illustrative Masterplan – relocated access, Planning and Sustainability Statement addendum, Sustainability Assessment, Transport Assessment & Highways improvement drawing, Travel Plan.


Planning reference 13/4150N
 Objections HERE
 Objections End  22-Nov-2013

White Moss

This planning application has been submitted while it is being considered through public consultation.  It is premature and would double Alsager’s housing allocation.  This proposal would cause serious damage to Alsager and some reasons for that can be found here. Please object urgently.


Planning reference 13/4132N
 Objections HERE
 Objections End  20-Nov-2013

Dunnocksfold Road

This new planning application was previously rejected, an appeal is imminent but the developer has again re-submitted the application, please object urgently.


Planning reference 13/4627C
 Objections HERE
 Objections End  11-Dec-2013