Planning News and Issues

Crewe Road.

Outline planning approval has already been granted for 65 houses off Crewe Road.  The developer has now submitted a proposal ref 13/1210C which you can view here for detailed planning permission.  As outline permission has already been granted objections can probably only influence the conditions placed on the development.  The original proposal for outline permission can be viewed here.

Land West of Close Lane

A proposal for outline planning permission has been submitted for development just off Close Lane and opposite Spencer Close.  It is planning reference 13/1305N and it can be viewed here.  Residents can also lodge their objections there as well. Although listed in the Haslington Parish, this application is on the boundary of Alsager and will be serviced by Alsager as its key service centre.  This speculative development is inconsistent with the adopted Town Plan, in that it is on a greenfield site, it isn’t a preferred site and local residents  have already been raising objections.  There will be more information on this objection process in coming weeks.

Sandbach Road North

This application was refused by Cheshire East but now the developer has made an appeal to the Secretary Of State.  A date and venue for the appeal has not yet been given.

The planning appeal form can be seen here, the developer’s argument can be seen here and the case documentation for the application reference 12/4872C can be seen here.

Much of the developer’s argument is based on whether or not Cheshire East can demonstrate a 5 year supply of building land.  Cheshire East do this in their SHLAA document and the developer is using this development as a vehicle to challenge the SHLAA.  It would be very difficult if not impossible to defend this site and in fact any proposal in Cheshire East if the developers win their argument.  The Hassall Road site, is being treated  in the same way by developers and its final appeal meeting should take place at the end of May.

Cheshire East are committed to defending this situation and it is to be hoped that through the validity of their SHLAA document they can stop speculative building proposals in totally inappropriate places.  The nature of the Developers’ arguments illustrate the total disregard they have for stated community aspirations or for the wishes of the Councils that represent them.  They simply want to build whether a community wants it or not.

Comments on the appeal can be made in triplicate to the Secretary Planning Inspectorate Temple Quay House, 2 The Square, Temple Quay, Bristol, BS1 6PN.  You can view ‘a Guide to Taking Part in Planning Appeals’ here.