Petition – Amend the NPPF

Protect Congleton – Civic Society has started an important  petition. 

The NPPF is causing significant problems for communities across the country by allowing unplanned building in inappropriate places. Please support our neighbours in Congleton and sign their petition as described below. 

We have organised a petition on the Government Petition website that is asking the Government to amend its National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) to remove the presumption to build in favour of developers and allow Local Authorities (such as Cheshire East) more time to get their Local Plans in place.  The presumption to build is one of the factors that is making it very easy for developers to successfully appeal planning applications that have been refused by a Local Authority.

 We would really appreciate your support with this petition and you can view and sign the petition by clicking the link below, which will take you to the Petition website:

Follow the instructions on the website to sign the petition, which should take you less than a minute (and please ask everyone in your household who is supportive to sign the petition).  Please note that you will receive an email after signing the petition and you will need to click the link provided in the email to complete the signing process.


To obtain as many signatures as possible it would be very helpful if you would consider forwarding this mail onto friends, family and other contacts.  If each of us forwards the mail to, say, ten people and ask them to do likewise it could generate lots of signatures.  You can view a full copy of the petition on our website: Copy of Petition.


Many thanks in anticipation of your support.