Alsager Partnership Public Meeting – 2nd June 2014

The Alsager Partnership, which receives funding of £22,000 per year from the Town Council, has arranged a Public Meeting at the Civic on Monday 2nd June 2014 at 7.00 pm.

This is the first ever opportunity for local residents to see who are the members of the Partnership and to question them about past and future activities. It would appear that all of their meetings have been in private, not advertised or open to the public, and no minutes or financial accounts were published. If you know little about what the Partnership actually does, then this is an opportunity for you to come along and find out more.

The Partnership was involved in the process of producing the Draft Town Strategy that included a number of Greenfield sites for potential housing development which were only removed following large scale public meetings. This draft document has subsequently been used repeatedly in Public Inquiries, by Developer’s and their QC’s, against the interests of the Alsager community.

In addition, many residents contacted ARAG over the Sainsbury’s Supermarket planning application because they could not understand why the Partnership, which was set up to represent the whole of the Alsager community, campaigned against the application – against the clear wishes of the overwhelming majority of residents. Residents may wish to ask what process the Partnership used to elicit the views of the community.

If the Partnership is in receipt of your money, then it is important that it is representative of the whole community and is an organisation that operates in an open and transparent manner.

Do come along, seek answers to your questions, and express your views.