Objections: Dunnocksfold Road and the Local Plan.


In recent weeks, we have had a lot of speculative planning proposals  to resist and we have  done well to achieve  consistently significant numbers of objections.  Please stick with it, as far as we know, this is the last call for objections before Christmas and it is very important that we don’t flag now and that we let Cheshire East know we don’t want our Town to be inundated with speculative housing development.

The two remaining areas for objection are the Dunnocksfold Road planning proposal and the Cheshire East Local Plan.

Cheshire East Local Plan.

A dedicated page has been produced on the web site to cover the Local plan and how to object.  You can view it here.  So far there have been very few objections.  If we don’t object, Cheshire East will implement the current document.  In ARAG’s view this would seriously damage Alsager.  Please take the time to object to the changes Cheshire East are proposing, which are: 

  • Increasing the housing allocation from 1,000 to at least 1,700 ( expect 2,700 if this is accepted )
  • Accepting the White Moss as an additional strategic location, ignoring the objections of the Community and the Town Council, as well as undermining their own policies and defence arguments at the appeals.
  • Increasing the MMU housing allocation to 350, demolishing the excellent publicly funded Sports Buildings and providing equivalent services to Alsager but from Crewe
Please go here to object.

Dunnocksfold Road.

A planning application for Dunnocksfold Road ( 12/4146C ) was correctly rejected by Cheshire East but the developer appealed that decision.  That appeal  has not yet been scheduled but the developer has cynically submitted another planning proposal.  This tactic has been adopted elsewhere but please submit objections, we have until 11/12/2013. Lets get as many objections in as possible and demonstrate that we don’t like being pressured in this way by developers .

The planning application is 13/4627C

It can be viewed here and objections made.

Some suggested objection points are:

  • This site is not included in the Alsager Town Plan or the Cheshire East Emerging Local Plan.  Cheshire East has rejected it before and will defend its correct decision at appeal.  This  application should therefore be robustly rejected.
  • This proposal for developing a greenfield site would be an intrusion into open countryside. It is outside the settlement boundary.
  • The proposal would cause significant harm to the natural environment, and would use best and most valuable agricultural land ( DEFRA’s assessment should be used, not the developer’s).
  • Alsager does not have a large employment base, and building on the site would encourage out commuting to adjacent areas. 
  • In the Sandbach Road North appeal, when commenting on the fact that Alsager is an area of restraint to support Potteries regeneration, the Inspector said : “it would seem wise, in this part of the Borough, not to proceed with development which would go beyond the draft strategy at this stage.”
  • The Hedgerow marks a boundary which has existed since at least the 1850s, as shown on the Tythe maps and the proposal is to remove the 100m hedgerow.
  • The fact that the owner has recently neglected the land and hedgerow following on from years of productive use, should count against this proposal rather than for it.
  • Dunnocksfold Road is a dangerous road with no footpath on one side. It is a rat run through Close Lane, it is dangerous and it is used by school children on the way to school. It can take no more traffic.
  • Bringing more traffic onto Dunnocksfold Road, where currently the residents have a reasonable amount of privacy at the access point is a significant intrusion and deterioration in quality of life.