Objections and the Hassall Road Appeal


A number of members have reported problems with the Cheshire East Website when trying to raise objections to planning application 13/3032C.  

ARAG chased this up and the problems have now been fixed.  So, from what we have seen so far, it is now possible to raise objections on line.

This application is for 110 residential houses to the South of Close Lane, and the junction with Crewe Road. and the end date for objections is 4/9/2013, next Wednesday.  It is very important to get your objections in, as this is a very good example of a speculative Greenfield proposal, so please lets get the number of objections up.  You can place your objection and view other objections, together with the Developer’s proposal here.

If nothing happens when you try to submit your objection, first check that all mandatory fields have been entered, otherwise, keep clicking, it will take it eventually.


The Hassall Road appeal re-opens in Macclesfield Town Hall at 10.00 Tuesday 3/9/2013, for 3 days.  It isn’t yet clear if the Inspector will  allow Public participation, as this session is to consider the Cheshire East 5 years supply of housing.  ARAG will be present at the meeting however and we will report back on progress.  It would be beneficial to the case in general if some Alsager Residents did attend the meeting  to show interest from the Community and to make their feelings known.