MMU – Update on the schedule and approach

ARAG has received a letter from DTZ, MMU’s development consultant. You can view its contents here.

 The letter suggests a positive shift in MMU’s position brought on by the feedback received from their initial consultations with Residents.

 The letter indicates that a Sports Hub will be included in the next MMU proposal but there is no indication of the proposed level or location of housing on the site. This needs to be much more than a spruce up of the Leisure Centre and the housing level needs to be appropriate.

 Although there is no mention in the letter of: education provision, which buildings will be saved, saving all the Sports Fields, provision for the elderly, limiting the number of houses to no more than 300 on the Brownfield footprint or community facilities, this does seem to be a positive move on MMU’s behalf.

 The implications of a phased approach are unclear but this detail will become clearer when DTZ carry out the next round of public consultations before a planning proposal around Spring 2014.

 ARAG will continue to campaign for the best possible outcome for Alsager Residents.