Meeting with Michael Jones.

Michael Jones meets with Residents at the Town Council.

The Town Council had invited Michael Jones to attend its Planning Committee meeting rather than arranging an open public meeting. The Planning Committee’s normal venue is the Alsager Institute and it was utterly predictable that this could prove to be an inadequate facility to meet the level of interest from Alsager residents. Despite representations to the Town Council prior to the meeting the venue was not changed with the result that the room was massively overcrowded and some residents were even forced to stand in the corridor or left because there was no space for them.

For the sake of clarity and so that there is no ambiguity on this matter, ARAG was not involved in any consultations on these arrangements. Our preference would have been to have an open Public Meeting in a suitable venue.

During the course of the meeting Councillor Jones did offer to return to meet with Alsager residents at such a meeting so long as the Town Council agreed to its arrangement. ARAG will seek to initiate these arrangements in the near future.

At Tuesday’s meeting residents asked a wide range of very sensible questions, in particular about the treatment of Alsager within Cheshire East’s Local Plan and the disproportionate allocation of housing to the town, although many other equally important issues were raised.

Councillor Jones responded to all questions but some felt that their questions had only been answered in part.

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