Meeting with Michael Jones and Fiona Bruce

Meeting with Michael Jones( Cheshire East Leader )  and Fiona Bruce

ARAG’s proposal to develop an IT focussed University Technical College(UTC) on the MMU site was supported by Fiona Bruce (MP)  but blocked by Michael Jones of Cheshire East.  When ARAG obtained an industrial sponsor, an International IT organisation, willing to sponsor the UTC and establish an IT  Development Centre which would bring 300+ additional jobs to Alsager,  the urgent request  for support to take advantage of this opportunity was ignored by Michael Jones and Fiona Bruce.  You can read about the MMU proposal here.

ARAG requested a meeting involving ARAG Officers, Michael Jones and Fiona Bruce.  The purpose of the meeting was to understand why this had happened.  Michael Jones replied disingenuously, asking why ARAG hadn’t made a bid for the site.  He knows that our sponsor tried to open discussion with MMU and its agent DTZ about purchasing the site but the approach was rejected.  ARAG further replied to Michael Jones asking for suitable dates for the meeting.  Fiona Bruce stated that she would be happy to meet with ARAG and was attempting to coordinate diaries with Michael Jones’ office.

Three weeks after the letter to Michael Jones, no further response has been received, so we can only assume that a meeting will now not take place.  ARAG is therefore unable to explain to its members why the UTC proposal, backed by over 3,000 residents, was blocked and why the opportunity to bring 500 jobs to the Town ( 300 Dev Centre + 200 UTC ) was allowed to slip through our fingers.