Local Plan Consultation

This is probably the most important Cheshire East document Residents have had to consider, it will impact our future for the next 20 years.

The Local Plan Consultation ends on Monday 16th December 2013.

You can get background information here

A detailed analysis  of the Local Plan is available here.

You can read the objections to the plan so far and object yourself here.

In the section on Alsager, Cheshire East is proposing to raise the Alsager allocation from the 1,000 in the Town plan to 1,700.  As previously reported, because Cheshire East has not been able to deliver its Local Plan, it is now unable to succesfully fight off speculative Greenfield development and is now  passing proposals which have previously been rejected.  The Home Page of this web site indicates here  that for these reasons, we can expect more than 3,000 houses to be passed before the Local Plan is in place.  This is more than a 60% growth.

Cheshire East is also proposing the White Moss as a Strategic Location, a totally inappropriate location, which in itself supports the current planning application for 1,000 houses ( 300 more than stated in the Local Plan ).  By promoting the White Moss in its Local Plan, Cheshire East is demonstrating a range of inconsistencies between its own actions and its policies.  Developers and Barristers at appeals and judicial review will take advantage of this unjustified inconsistency.

You can view an analysis histogram of the allocation of housing across Cheshire East here.

All sorts of analysis can be carried out on these numbers but perhaps the most telling statistics are that Knutsford, Wilmslow and Poynton have an allocation of 1,250 dwellings, while Alsager, Sandbach and Congleton get 6,800.  Macclesfield gets 3,500, Crewe gets 6,850.

If this plan is accepted in its current form, the planned number for our area Crewe, Alsager, Sandbach and Congleton will be at least 13,650.  Considering the inability now for Cheshire East to fight off speculative development, this number is a significant underestimate.

The Local Plan will be very late but it is still the only protection available for Alsager.  It will govern developments in Alsager for the next 20 years, please make sure you have your say, this is the last chance on the Local Plan.