Information Bulletin

MMU Campaign.

We have received a large and very encouraging positive response from the ARAG Campaign leaflet.  We will keep all members posted on developments and propose actions in the coming weeks.  If you haven’t already registered your support by e-mail, please do so, we will be keeping  campaign registration open for as long as necessary.  We need to be able to demonstrate the level of strong support from the Village.

Sandbach Road North Appeal.

This week, ARAG has been attending the Sandbach Road North appeal.  You will recall that Cheshire East correctly rejected this proposal and the developer is challenging the Cheshire East decision, primarily on the basis that in its view, Cheshire East does not yet have a Local Plan and can not demonstrate a 5 year supply of housing land.  The success or otherwise of this appeal is critical to Alsager’s future as it will set a precedent for future appeals ( currently 4 outstanding: Hassall Rd, Hall Drive, Close Lane, Dunnocksfold Rd ).  This 8 day appeal ends on Thursday after which we will post our analysis, together with some background information.  Attendance from Alsager has been ARAG officers, who have presented a strong Community view to the Inspector and a limited attendance from the Town council.  Two of our Cheshire East Councillors ( Cnclrs Hough and Jones )  have also presented. Cnclr Longhurst has been in attendance on several  days and will present on Thursday.

More Greenfield Proposals.

We have already posted on the proposal to develop land to the North of Close Lane on a totally inappropriate site.  You can view that proposal here.  Please object to this proposal.

Yet another proposal has been received for Close Lane – Rhodes Field and you can view that application here.  This new proposal is for 110 residential houses to the South of Close Lane, and the junction with Crewe Road. Members are requested to place their objections before the end date. This is a very dangerous junction with Crewe Road, it is a greenfield site, outside the settlement boundary in open countryside and it is not in the Town Plan.  Alsager itself is unsustainable with its inadequate road system and with a below-minimum employment opportunity level.  This site would simply exacerbate the situation.

Information on both of these proposals can be seen on this site here.

It is very important for the Community to demonstrate that we don’t want Developers to dictate how Alsager should be developed.  We have a Town Plan and a decision making body in Cheshire East, which we pay for and they should make the decisions, not Developers.  We need to demonstrate that we want our town plan to be implemented i.e. develop our Brownfield sites and protect our Greenfields.

Please go to the Cheshire East web site and  object to these speculative building proposals in the strongest possible terms.