Hassall Road Re-submission and Close Lane

Re-submission Hassall Road and  Close Lane

Heath End Farm – Hassall Road

The proposal to build 34 houses on land adjacent to Heath End Farm was previously rejected by Cheshire East ( application 12/3905C ) but the developer has now re-submitted that application. The new application is reference number 13/5045C and you can read about it and raise objections here. The last date for raising objections is 2/1/2014. Please get your objections in as soon as possible.

Some of the main objections to this site are:

  • This Greenfield site was specifically considered and rejected in the Alsager Town Plan and it is not a part of the Cheshire East Emerging Local Plan. As the Cheshire East Local Plan intends to increase Alsager’s allocation by another 700 houses, and Alsager itself is acknowledged to be unsustainable anyhow, any additional housing would in itself be unsustainable.
  • This is an intrusion into open countryside and it would change the nature of the countryside as well as extending the settlement boundary and creating additional Greenfield infill sites.
  • The Inspector, when rejecting the Sandbach Road North site stated that “it would seem wise”, bearing in mind the matter of regeneration in neighbouring authorities, “in this part of the borough not to proceed with development which would go beyond the draft strategy at this stage”.
  • This part of Hassall Road is on an extremely dangerous corner
  • The site is opposite a busy entrance to Pikemere School
  • The site is subject to regular flooding.

Close Lane – 13/4150N

The end date for this planning proposal has been changed to cater for new information from the developer. Objections can now be submitted until 27/12/2013.

You can raise your objections here.