Environment / Infrastructure Impact Assessment

You will recall that 7 weeks ago, we proposed to the Town Council that it considered undertaking a professional environment and infrastructure assessment of Alsager.  This is particularly important when you consider our proximity to the M6 and the effect of increased emissions, which we know will impact us and future residents on a daily basis.

We also requested that the Town Council pursued trying to develop a strong contact with Stoke-on-Trent City Council and Newcastle Borough Council regarding their views on this area being considered as an area of restraint, relating to the re-generation of Stoke and Newcastle.

You will recall that Councillor Derek Longhurst made a formal request to consider these proposals at a Town Council Meeting.

It is now well documented that in our opinion at the Town Council meeting held 13/11/2013 at 16.00, where the Town Council rejected this proposal, the public was given information which we consider to be quite misleading, regarding costs, the impact on ratepayers and whether or not this was an appropriate use of public money.

You will be aware of the overwhelming response we have received concerning this decision and in particular the view expressed by Fiona Bruce ( Our MP ), who wholeheartedly supported this proposal.

We need to inform you that we have made a further attempt to get the Town Council to reconsider this decision.  The Town Council has now stated that it can not re-consider the matter for another 6 months.  It is clear that the Town Council could reconsider this matter if the will existed to do so.  This is the very kind of evidence that we need to take to appeals, fight speculative proposals and to embed in any future response which we wish to make regarding the development of Cheshire East’s Local Plan.

Unfortunately now, we seem to have difficulties emanating from 4 sources.

  1. National Government and the imposition and harsh implementation of the NPPF.
  2. The policies regarding Alsager which are being developed by Cheshire East in its Local plan, which conflict with the expressed views of the Community.  We are becoming a dumping ground for housing.  Our Alsager assets are being systematically stripped.
  3. The rapacious attitude of Developers who see Alsager as an easy target.
  4. The seeming lack of effective support we are experiencing from our own Town Council, the very people who have been elected to represent us.

We would propose that you contact your Cheshire East Councillors, all of whom sit on the Town Council and make strong representation for them to re-consider their position and to explain their reluctance to engage in what Residents feel is a valuable contribution and totally appropriate use of ratepayers’ money.

We must impress on you, we are running out of time.

The Cheshire East Councillors are:

Councillor Mrs T E S Jones 10 Fairview Avenue, Alsager, ST7 2NW. 01270 874854

Councillor R Fletcher 5 Cranfield Drive, Alsager, ST7 2LQ. 01270 874578

Councillor D I Hough 61 Pikemere Road, Alsager, ST7 2SN. 01270 875144

You may wish to e-mail their responses to us.