Dunnocksfold Road – Decision Meeting

Dunnocksfold Road

There will be a meeting of the Strategic Planning Board (SPB) on Wednesday 8/1/2014 at 10.30, when the new Dunnocksfold Road planning proposal ( 13/4627C ) for 95 houses will be decided.

This new proposal was submitted by the developer, even though an existing proposal had already been rejected and was under appeal.  This tactic was also used on the recently accepted Hall Drive proposal.

It is very disappointing, though not surprising given recent behaviour, that the Cheshire East planning department recommends acceptance of the proposal in its report.

This situation was announced very close to Christmas which left little time to prepare an ARAG response.  After a lot of work over the break, a response has been produced and you can read the Executive Summary here and the main body of the report here.

On close examination of the Cheshire East report; it became clear that the conclusions and the recommendation of approval were inconsistent, with the body of the report, and there were also significant omissions from the report.  The work carried out by ARAG has been to take the Cheshire East Officer report, and produce an ARAG alternative version which in our view gives a compelling case to reject the proposal.  

ARAG considers that current planning decisions are not being taken on rational planning grounds and that the planning process is now being driven purely by Politics.  The arguments presented for rejection of the proposal are very strong, and consistent with recent appeal decisions.  This site is also not part of the Cheshire East emerging Local Plan or our Town Plan, in fact it was specifically rejected in the Town Plan.  

Alsager has already received planning permission for well over 50% of its 20 year quota ( in the first 3 years ) with the remainder already committed through development of our Brownfield sites ( MMU and Cardway Cartons).

Despite strong objections from Fiona Bruce MP , the Town Council, ARAG and many residents, Cheshire East is promoting development on the White Moss and appears very reluctant to provide any protection from speculative development elsewhere in Alsager.  This will mean over 3,000 houses in Alsager, a growth in excess of 60% . Our existing infrastructure simply cannot support this kind of growth.

ARAG and others will present the case against the proposal at the SPB meeting, we would ask:

  • that as many people as possible attend the SPB meeting at the Town Hall in Crewe at 10.30. ( we are agenda item 6, Congleton has item 7 and a similar case to argue ).  Please be present to demonstrate the strength of feeling in our Community.

  • that as many people as possible e-mail and express their strength of feeling to the leader of Cheshire East Michael Jones, his Deputy, David Brown, our MP Fiona Bruce and the chairman of the Alsager Planning committee.  Their e-mail addresses are: