Dunnocksfold Road decision deferred.


At Wednesday’s Strategic Planning Board any decision on the Dunnocksfold Road application was deferred to allow more information to be brought forward about the highway problems associated with the junction of Hassall Road with Crewe Road and Chancery Lane.

A very big thank you for the tremendous turnout by local residents who attended the meeting and showed fantastic support.

Very effective presentations were made by your ARAG team and by Councillors Derek Longhurst and Rod Fletcher which covered the whole wide range of objections. Councillor David Brickhill, a member deputising for a normal Board member, made a truly magnificent contribution when he insisted that council officers provided detailed numbers of the proposed housing in Alsager and what percentage of the current number of houses this would be.

Although some of the officers and the Chairman attempted to prevent this, by claiming that the figures were not readily available, Councillor Brickhill persisted and senior officer Mr Adrian Fisher offered to provided an answer if given a short period of time. David Brickhill’s persistence paid off when Mr Fisher admitted that his total figure was 2600 which was equivalent to a 50% increase in the size of the town. This caused a sharp intake of breath for many Board members and one of them immediately said that it was a ridiculous to suggest that a town the size of Alsager should be expected increase by that amount.

Councillor Derek Hough raised the issue of Highway problems and pointed out that an assessment of traffic impact on the junction of Hassall Road with Crewe Road and Chancery Lane, was not included in the Highways Assessment for the proposed development. The Highways officer was reminded that Hall Drive (109 houses) and Hassall Road (30 houses) had now been approved and was questioned whether it was even possible to carry out the required improvements to this junction. The officer could not provide a satisfactory response.

The members of the Strategic Planning Board voted to defer any decision until answers were provided to these questions. The next scheduled meeting of the Strategic Planning Board is on 5th February 2014 and the Appeal for the first Dunnocksfold Road application is set for 11th February 2014.

Fiona Bruce MP sent a very strongly worded letter, to Cheshire East, supporting ARAG’s Alternative Report and her letter can be seen here