Dunnocksfold Road Appeal

Dunnocksfold Road Appeal

The Dunnocksfold Road appeal finished today (Tuesday 11/3/2014) with the site visit.  The Inspector arrived at 08.15 on a beautiful day and was taken to see the traffic and school rush at the junction with Hassall Road.  It wasn’t permitted to add any new points on the site visit, because the evidence had all been taken.  The claims made by ARAG during the appeal that Dunnocksfold can be dangerous, were reinforced however by the steady stream of students, several near misses and some erratic driving.  The narrowness of the footpath and the risk it presents also became very apparent to the Inspector.

ARAG arranged for the Inspector to view the site from 3 appropriate houses and accompanied the Inspector on a walk along the footpath which runs along the boundary of the proposed site. Councillor Longhurst from the Alsager Town Council also attended.

The Inspector will now consider the evidence and the site visit and make her decision.

A previous post explained that the developer has also submitted  a second proposal for Dunnocksfold Road while this appeal was outstanding.  This second proposal has been deferred by Cheshire East’s Strategic Planning Board and it is our understanding that it will not be considered until the decision of the Inspector has been published.  It is  very unfortunate (mystifying?)  that the Cheshire East planning officer (case officer) saw fit to recommend acceptance of the second proposal while Cheshire East itself was fighting the appeal.  This obvious inconsistency of approach was picked up and fully exploited by the developer’s barrister.

It isn’t possible to predict the outcome of the appeal but it is clear that the case was unnecessarily weakened as discussed in previous posts.