Dunnocksfold Road and Strategic Planning Board

Dunnocksfold Road.

We only have 11 days left to get our objections in for the Dunnocksfold Road application, described here.  So far the number of objections is a lot lower than the previous round.  This proposal is an example of a rejected proposal which the Developer appealed and before the appeal has taken place, the Developer has re-submitted the application. Cheshire East Planning Officers are currently recommending some re-submitted proposals for approval as you will see below.

Please submit your objections to this proposal here.  It is really important to get the objection level up.

Strategic Planning Board Monday – 9th Dec 2013

A Strategic Planning Board Meeting will take place on Monday 9th of December in Crewe at 10.30.  Two Alsager applications will be considered at that time:

  • Hall Drive
  • Rhodes Field

You can view the meeting details here.

Despite the level and quality of objection from Residents and the fact that the Cheshire East Strategic Planning Board (SPB) has already rejected Hall Drive, Cheshire East Planning Officers are now recommending approval of these speculative proposals.  Residents can attend these meetings and it is possible to speak in limited time slots.  In the past, the SPB has rejected some applications which were recommended for approval by Officers.  It is to be hoped that the SPB will continue to support Alsager and the wishes expressed in the agreed Town Plan.

A large Alsager Resident turn-out at this meeting would demonstrate the strength of feeling in our Community.

It is clear that if we lose these two, the map on the Home Page of the website which predicts something of the order of a 60% growth in Alsager, becomes increasingly likely, especially with Cheshire East now promoting the White Moss in its Local Plan ( still open to objections ) while there is a current planning proposal ( also still open to objections ) .