Rhodes Field is on Crewe Road, on the right, past the junction with Close Lane and before the traffic lights.

In the latest of a deluge of speculative proposals affecting Alsager, Persimmon Homes are proposing “approximately” 110 houses on this Greenfield site. In addition to Barthomley/Oakhanger, there are now three developments at this end of Alsager (in fact two are technically in Haslington Parish – White Moss and the Close Lane) which are ‘at some stage’ in the planning process and which will have a serious impact.

Persimmon homes are hosting a ‘consultation event’ at Alsager Civic on Monday 11th March from 2pm – 7pm at which residents can give their views. If you are unable to attend the Developer has also provided a website: here

This fourth housing development has to be considered in the context of the White Moss proposals recently posted on the ARAG website; the proposed Muller development on Close Lane; the unresolved Barthomley/Oakhanger situation and the impact of any or all of these on the infrastructure of Alsager as the Key Service Centre for the whole area – plus the quota of housing already decided within Alsager.