Current Planning proposals – 2/10/2014

Current Planning Proposals in Alsager

There are 3 current planning proposals for Greenfield sites, all of which are speculative and outside the Town Strategy and the submitted Local Plan.  On all of these applications, the Town Plan and the submitted Local Plan are being ignored by  Developers, they are intrusions into open countryside, they add to an acknowledged unsustainable situation in Alsager both for highways and employment and they go against the policy of restraint in our area, to support regeneration in the Potteries.  Our housing quota in Alsager has already doubled from the 1,000 established by the Town Plan ( see home page on this web site ).

If the web site stops you from submitting an objection, either e-mail Cheshire East or write, quoting name address, planning reference number and your objection.

Please submit your objections.

1. Application number 14/4241C for 8 dwellings north of Close Lane .

This is a repeat application which was previously rejected by Cheshire East.  It is a totally inappropriate location, on a highly dangerous corner, where Dunnocksfold Road turns into Close Lane.  Close Lane itself is a narrow, dangerous country road with planning permission already granted for Rhodes Field (110)and The Muller application(132).  Nearby, permission has also been granted for White Moss (350) and Dunnocksfold Road(95).

You can view the application here.

Last Date for comments = 30/10/2014

 2. Application number 14/4010C for 60 dwellings.  

This is an extension to the Sandbach Road North Site ( see below ).  It used to be a tip site, it would be an erosion of the boundary between Alsager and open countryside, it is an intrusion on current housing, changing the nature of the surrounding countryside and degrading popular local leisure amenities, it will be very visible from Borrowpit Meadows and the Salt Line.

 You can view the application here

Last date for comments = 9/10 but please get your objections in anyhow.

 3. Application number 14/3919C for 130 houses Sandbach Rd North

This is a repeat application for this controversial site.   Cheshire East rejected the original application and the Developer appealed.  The Inspector rejected the appeal but that decision was overruled when the Developer took it to judicial review.  This decision means that the appeal will have to be be re-run but the Developer has submitted a new application anyhow.  This “confusion / getting the best out of both worlds” tactic has been used several times now by different developers.  It illustrates very well how Developers will ignore: the Town Council, Cheshire East, Inspectors,  Residents, the Town Strategy and the submitted Local Plan and try to  impose their own way.  This site would intrude into open countryside and substantially change the nature of the surrounding countryside.  It is in a dangerous and inappropriate position, opposite the Wilbrahams pub,  the entrance to Leicester Avenue and close to a very dangerous pinch point on the main route from Alsager to Sandbach.

You can view the application here

Last date for comments = 25/9  but please get your objections in anyhow.