Although ARAG worked very hard against speculative proposals for many months and the community has objected strongly to  to every Planning proposal which was not a part of the Town Strategy, every single proposal has been lost.  In some cases, Cheshire East decided to overrule the plan and pass applications.  When Cheshire East rejected proposals, the Developers appealed and the Inspectors overturned the Cheshire East decision.  In the one case ( Sandbach Road North ) where an Inspector rejected an appeal, the Developer took the decision for judicial review.  The judge overruled the Inspector and the appeal will be re-run.

The main problem is that Cheshire East had been unable to demonstrate a 5 year supply of housing to the satisfaction of the Planning Inspectors and the Cheshire East Local Plan has not yet been inspected and accepted.

The information below shows that Alsager can expect in excess of 2,700 addition houses over the next 20 years.  The Town Strategy was for a maximum of 1,000.

Not included in the Town Plan.  Speculative proposals

Location ID No Status Nature
Close Lane – Rhodes Field        13/3032C 110 Approved Greenfield
Close Lane – Muller 13/1305N 132 Approved at Appeal Greenfield
Dunnocksfold Road 12/4146C 95 Approved at Appeal Greenfield
Hassall Road (1) 12/1670C 30 Approved at Appeal Greenfield
Hassall Road (2) 12/3905C 34 Refused Greenfield
Hall Drive 12/4150C 109 Approved at Appeal Greenfield
Close Lane – Meadow View 13/4241C 8 Refused, Reapplied Greenfield
Sandbach Road North              12/4872C 155 Appeal re-run Greenfield
East of Hassall  Rd (by Waste Site) 14/4010C 60 Application Greenfield
White Moss ( see note 1 )  13/4132N 350          Approved        Greenfield
Crewe Road 2 (Next to Plough Inn) 14/3054C 70 Application Greenfield
Total Speculative Housing   1153    

Items Approved and in the Town Plan

Location  ID No Status Nature
South of Crewe Road ( see note 2 ) 12/0939C  65 Approved  Greenfield
Twyfords 11/4109C 335 Approved  Brownfield
Total Allocated  From Town Plan    400    

Items in the Town Plan not yet approved

Location ID  No Status Nature
Additional on Twyfords site             115     Brownfield
MMU 300 Local Plan says 350 Brownfield
Cardway Cartons 50 Application for 110  Brownfield
Total Outstanding  From T/Plan   465    
Total Housing in Alsager Town Plan  1000
Total Housing in Cheshire East Local Plan (Strategic Sites – 1250) 1600
Total Housing  if all appeals are lost and Local Plan sites built   2115
+ Possible Additional at White Moss ( 650 )  2765
This would represent a 50% growth in Alsager over the next 20 years


1. Cheshire East included White Moss as a strategic location in its Local Plan. The Town Council is strongly against it, as are residents. The White Moss Quarry site has a restoration order with the quarrying licence, stating that it should be restored to its original state in stages. The site identified by Cheshire East, is much bigger than the Quarry and includes additional Greenfields.  The original proposal was for 1,000 houses.  This amended proposal is for 350.  Many more than the 350 can be anticipated over time and furthermore, it will create infill for at least another 2,000 houses.
2 South of Crewe Road was passed before the Town Plan was published. It was a speculative proposal which was passed because of the lack of a 5 year supply. At the time of decision.