Close Lane – Please Place Objections

Time is running out for Residents to place their objections on the Close Lane development building proposal and the number of objections needs to be much higher.

ARAG members need to demonstrate that they do not want speculative proposals or unwanted housing on our Greenfield sites.  Please place your objections on the Cheshire East Website here and support the Close Lane Action Group.  It is really important that Residents express their views. 

All objections must be in by the 8th of May.  Please help Alsager to fight this off by objecting before then.

We have posted on this proposal before and have raised the following points:

  • Alsager has a housing allocation of 1,000 houses over the next 20 years and the adopted Town Plan identifies the appropriate sites for housing.  It also states that the Alsager strategy is for Brownfield before Green.  This speculative proposal identifies  a Greenfield site which is not a part of the Alsager Town Plan.
  • Close Lane is a dangerous badly maintained country Lane .  This road can be quite busy and it is used by pedestrians,  walkers, and children.  It is very narrow in parts and in many places is without a footpath.  Placing any additional traffic on this road would be irresponsble .
  • Planning permission has already been granted for the Twyfords site, Crewe Road and a proposal for the MMU site  is imminent.  As a minimum, assuming planning permission will be granted for the MMU, this means that over 70% of Alsager’s planning allocation will have been approved in the first year, with 19 years to go.
  • Given the numbers above and the fact that Alsager’s infrastructure is clearly struggling, any additional unplanned development should be rejected.
  • This Greenfield site is open countryside with plenty of active wildlife and it is part of the green buffer between Close Lane and the Motorway.  It should remain as such.

You can object to this proposal here.  

By visiting the Cheshire East website, you can read all other objections and the submissions of the developer. Simply scroll down to the section Planning Documents and then click on the Application number column in the row that interests you.

The previous post on Close Lane is here