Close Lane Objections by 06/11/2013

Close Lane Objections Needed.

The ‘end of objections’ date for the Close Lane site is 06/11/2013.  If you haven’t yet submitted your objection, please support the residents in and around Close Lane by objecting before then.

The planning proposal identifier  is 13/4150N, which can be found here.

If you have submitted your objection would you please check the website to make sure it has been correctly captured and is present.  There was some confusion over planning reference numbers and we do know that some objections have been missed.

We know that there will be in excess of 400 objections but it would be excellent if we can make it much more than that.  We need to demonstrate that as a Community we do not want speculative development  around our Town, especially on our Greenfields.

As a background to objections, some ideas are:

  1. It is an intrusion into open countryside and outside the settlement boundary.
  2. Alsager is an area of restraint, in-line with Cheshire East’s  NPPF responsibility to consult with neighbouring authorites and to support the re-generation of the Potteries. 
  3.  This site is not included in the Alsager Town strategy and would be additional to Alsager’s housing allocation of 1,000 for the next 20 years.  As Alsager itself is acknowledged to be unsustainable as a key service centre from the point of view of employment and infrastructure, this development would not be sustainable.
  4.  This is a Greenfield site and Alsager’s allocation will be met through development of its Brownfield sites
  5.  When this application was originally made, it received over 600 objections if Localism means anything, it must take this extreme level of objection seriously.  This development is clearly not wanted by the Community.
  6.  Access to this site is along a dangerous and narrow country lane, without footpaths for significant stretches.  This road is already incapable of supporting local traffic safely.  It is already used as a dangerous “rat run” via Dunnocksfold Road.
  7.  Even if the commitments to provide accommodation for the elderly and provide affordable homes were kept, which in itself is questionable, this would isolate elderly people from the services and environment they need.
  8. The sewage pumping system along Close Lane is  inadequate.  This development would place an additional burden on that system.
  9.  The noise and atmospheric pollution ( NO2 and PM national limits ) from the M6 motorway needs to be assessed over an appropriate period of time to prove that national standards are met and that living so close to the motorway is not risking the health of Residents, especially Elderly Residents and children.  This development is too close to the M6 motorway.