Close Lane – Objections and comments needed.

Close Lane Development Proposal.


The Muller Property Group has submitted a proposal to build 76 family houses and 56 retirement dwellings on a Greenfield site off Close Lane, reference 13/1305N.

Alsager, through its adopted Town Plan, is committed to building 1,000 houses in the next 20 years, which represents 50 houses per annum.

The Alsager Strategy is to build on Brownfield sites before any Greenfield sites are used.

Planning permission in Alsager has already been given for the Twyfords site and housing along Crewe Road, which represents at least 400 houses. This covers the building allocation in Alsager for the next 8 years.

A proposal to build on the MMU campus site, another Brownfield site, is imminent and this represents at least another 300 houses, which means that planning permission for at least 70% of Alsager’s allocation for the next 20 years will have been delivered in the first year.

It is very important for Alsager that building takes place according to the Town Plan. Failure to do that will mean that uncontrolled and unplanned building will take place and that Alsager’s infractructure, already under serious strain, will become even more inadequate.

Specific Issues

This proposal does not conform with the Town Plan. It is Greenfield and not Brown and it is not identified as a suitable site in either the Town Plan or Cheshire East’s Local Plan.

Close Lane is narrow, dangerous and poorly maintained. It is a country lane, regularly used by walkers and residents, without footpaths in places.

The road is often used as a cut through, motorists and large vehicles regularly speed and in particular, the ‘pinch points’ are a hazard to both motorists and pedestrians alike. Anything which increases traffic on Close Lane would be irresponsible and dangerous.

Clearly building on this Greenfield site would remove habitat and damage the substantial wildlife in the area.

The developer’s arguments ( see below for sources ) are based on what the developer believes it can sell now rather than the stated needs and aspirations of the Alsager community.

We will post further details on the web site as they emerge but one final point to make is that the residents of Close Lane and nearby areas do not want this development. All of the provision outlined in the proposal is to be provided on the MMU campus. The Close Lane Residents need other Alsager Residents to make their views known and support their objection campaign. Lets stick to the Town Plan and the Cheshire East Local Plan and ask those bodies ( Town Council and Cheshire East ) to support their own strategies by soundly rejecting this proposal.


Residents can object to this proposal on the Cheshire East website, which can be found here.

Although letters to Fiona Bruce and your Town Councillors are useful, this is the one most important thing to do for this proposal, let the Cheshire East Planning Department know what you feel.

The volume of objections carries significant weight in the planning process.

By visiting the Cheshire East website, you can read all other objections and the submissions of the developer. Simply scroll down to the section Planning Documents and then click on the Application number column in the row that interests you.

To submit your comments / objections , click on the yellow panel labelled ‘ comment on this application’.


Please support our Town and Close Lane Residents by objecting to this development