Inspector Allows 132 Houses in Close Lane

Inspector Karen L Baker’s Appeal Decision was published on 29th July 2014 and she has allowed Muller’s appeal against refusal of planning permission for the site on Close Lane.

Yet again an inspector has stated, very clearly, that Cheshire East Council does not have a 5 year supply of Available House Building Land and because of this the saved Local Plan Policies of Crewe & Nantwich are considered out of date and we have no protection from speculative development.

(Note: the application site is outside the Alsager town boundary and therefore in the old Crewe & Nantwich Borough Council area.)

Residents tell us that all of the assurances given to them, by the Leader of Cheshire East Council, were nothing but empty promises and some of them have suggested that it as been nothing more than a strategy of ‘Grand Failure’. The council make the claim “we have done our very best but these awful developers pay expensive QC’s to scupper our best efforts” while in practice they should have known that their figures simply didn’t stack up. Residents also wonder if the Council Leader is ‘Broken Hearted’ over this result, as he said he was over Dunnocksfold Road, and just how many times this man’s heart will be broken by letting us down?

Many believe that if the job had been done properly in the first place, and the 5 year claims were as robust as the Michael Jones made out, we would not be consistently losing appeals.