Close Lane 86 Houses

Yet another Greenfield proposal  has been announced, this time for 86 houses and a nursing home in Close Lane, opposite Spencer Close. This site is not within the Alsager Town boundary, it is in the Haslington parish but it effectively extends the Alsager boundary, it would use Alsager facilities and have an Alsager address.  

The Alsager Town Plan states that the Alsager housing requirement will be met from our Brownfield sites and this of course is another speculative Greenfield proposal which contravenes Town policies.

At the time of posting, Cheshire East are having a meeting which should adopt the Alsager Town Plan as a part of their emerging strategy and this should provide protection and be adequate justification to reject the proposal.  Muller, the property group based in Alsager, have a web site which shows their intentions at  Muller ask for feedback so that they can improve their bid.  They will also have an exhibition in the Civic Centre(which of course is in Alsager), so you can voice your opinions then as well.

Any detail you supply will  be helping Muller in their attempts to build on another of our Greenfields although it would certainly be a good thing to let them know it isn’t wanted and is in conflict with our Town Plan and therefore the expressed wishes of Alsager residents.  Muller, as far as we are aware,  have not  submitted a planning application.  When they do, there will be an opportunity for all of us to mount a seriously challenge.