Cheshire East Strategy

Cheshire East is in the process of agreeing their draft Strategic Plan before it is made available for public consultation.  The relevant documents can be found here.  ARAG has expressed concern to the Town Council that the Alsager Housing allocation which was defined in the agreed Alsager Town Plan has been increased from 1,000 to 1,100.  Furthermore, the numbers for the MMU site and the other sites are inconsistent with the Alsager Town Plan.  As well as the numbers, two areas specifically excluded from the Alsager Town plan ( Area J and Fanny’s Croft) are included in the Cheshire East draft document under the heading ‘Strategic Sites – Alternatives’.  

Cheshire East have said that these sites are only included because they were considered and rejected.  

When / if this document is accepted, it should offer a level of protection against speculative building proposals as it will be part of the Cheshire East emerging plan and as such it should be given some weight in the decisions being made by planning officials.  The issue of how much weight should be given, is one of the questions we have recently put to Fiona Bruce, our MP and we are expecting a response soon.

We will keep you posted on the public consultation process.