Cheshire East Local Plan – Last Opportunity

Further to our previous post on this subject, which you can view here, comments on the Cheshire East Local Plan need to be submitted by Thursday 25/4/2013.

This is your last chance to comment on the plan here.

Contrary to the quota of 1,000 agreed in the Town Plan, Cheshire East has unilaterally decided to increase Alsager’s housing allocation to 1,600.  This is a minimum level, as Cheshire East has previously demonstrated erratic decision making and a willingness to approve inappropriate Greenfield sites on several occasions.

Cheshire East is also promoting housing development  on the White Moss, which is an unsuitable location, because of  its proximity to the M6 and the fact that is is contrary to the policy on carbon emissions, air pollution and noise.  For a range of reasons, this so called  ”strategic location” is contrary to the expressed wishes of the Town Council, the objections of Newcastle Under Lyme Borough council, the MP and the Community.  It is also important to note that Cheshire East’s proposal for White Moss, contrary to the impression given in the Local Plan, includes agricultural land such as the Triangle field, and these areas would probably be the first to receive housing.  The infill generated by this development, if adopted, will no doubt be the subject of future speculative development proposals.

The Local Plan is also vague on which of the high quality buildings and sports fields on the MMU site will be retained for the Community but it does state that the facilities will eventually be replaced by facilities in Crewe. ( see 15.199 in the Local Plan)