Signs Indicating Road Closure put out in Error.

Members have contacted us to say that the Barthomley Link Road is open and operating normally. ARAG’s President, Hon Alderman Derek Bould, went down there to investigate just what is going on and had a long conversation with the Junction 16 Contractor’s Project Manager, Mr Kevin Kite. Mr Kite said that his company, Bam Nuttall Ltd, had not put the sign out and they were very concerned that a closure would seriously disrupt their contract work. Kevin had contacted Chevron, the company who owned the sign, and had not been able to get a straight answer from them; other than the road was not going to be closed. Mr Kite apologized for any inconvenience, but to be fair it was not his companies fault.

ARAG has since investigated the diversion around Nursery Road, residents will have seen the Diversion signs, and found that the sign which was displayed on the motorway bridge on the Barthomley Link is now on Nursery Road near the old Beecroft Peat buildings. It seems clear to us that Chevron staff placed the closure notice on the wrong road and managed to cause massive confusion.

However, something good could come out of this fiasco because the Bam Nuttall Project Manager, Mr Kite, has offered to inform ARAG of the ongoing road closures, diversions etc so that we can publish the information on our website.