ACCESS hdpc, the consultants appointed by ARAG to undertake a traffic survey as stage 1 of an overall Impact Assessment, have completed their traffic counts and during the first few days of this week will be collecting photographic evidence of traffic queues at peak times.

ACCESS hdpc will then produce their report, which may take up to a couple of weeks because of the number of problem road junctions which have had to be surveyed. Once the report is completed we will be able to submit it, as material evidence, to Cheshire East as an Independent Professional Transport Assessment.

Transport Assessments provided by developers are usually desktop exercises but ours will be underpinned by actual traffic counts which should give them considerably more weight in the Strategic Planning Board’s debates.

A huge thank you to all residents who have contributed towards the Impact Survey Fund and, although we are still a few hundred pounds short of the estimated final cost, we have already raised about £2000.  WELL DONE

We will report again once the Survey has been published.