Action on potholes

ARAG is pleased to report that following last week’s submission of our Hazardous Pot Hole Report, to the Leader of Cheshire East Council Cllr Michael Jones,the pothole which received by far the greatest number of reports from our residents has been repaired.

This pothole on the Mini Roundabout at the Church Road / Hassall Road junction, after weeks of inactivity, has been fixed and we wait to see which of the other very bad potholes that were in our report get similar treatment.

We are particularly interested to hear from you if other very bad potholes get fixed over the next few days and here are some that also received a high number of reports for you:

Coronation Avenue by Dickenson Place/ Playground,  

A5011 Linley Lane near junction with Linley Road.

Leicester Avenue – Cavendish Crescent junction,  

Close Lane – numerous

Naturally, we will delay our ‘Thank You’ to Cheshire East’s Council Leader until we see if the good news continues but so far he has kept his promise and, because we have had his assurance of direct access to him, we hope and expect this level of service will continue.

Can we ask that for future pothole problems, please report them on the Cheshire East web site. 

Please keep a record and details of your report, and reference number, and if no action is taken let us know.