A Ridiculous Venue for a Meeting

A Ridiculous Venue for Tuesday Night’s Meeting.

We would like to thank everyone who attended Tuesday night’s Town Council meeting and managed to gain access and apologise to those of you who were disappointed because you were prevented from participating.

We can understand the frustration, felt by many residents, at not being able to get into this very important Planning Meeting to hear and question Michael Jones, the Leader of Cheshire East Council.

We have repeatedly told the Town Council that the Institute is totally unsuitable, when dealing with an issue that is of vital importance, and an e-mail had been sent to the Town Council asking them to arrange a more suitable venue. When they recently used the Civic, for their planning meetings, they arranged them at 4.00pm in the afternoon and grumbled when very few residents turned up. They simply overlooked the basic fact that, at that time in the afternoon, a large proportion of local people are at work. When this was pointed out, by people in the audience, nothing was done to reschedule the start time of the second meeting.

Considering that our Town Council now own, and run, the Civic it seems unbelievable that they can’t organise access for their own important meetings; or is it simply that they only want paying customers during the evenings?

ARAG posted information about the meeting; when the Town Council notified us that Michael Jones would be attending and would answer questions. Obviously they should have arranged a more suitable venue for a meeting which was clearly going to be of major interest to, and attended by, very many Alsager residents. Even if the Civic Centre was not available there are other venues in the Town that would have been more suitable.

Naturally, ARAG will continue to report factual information, as it becomes available, and can only hope that the Town Council have learned an important lesson, as a result of this apparent lack of foresight.

Tomorrow we will publish a report of the meeting and its outcomes.