8 Houses to the North of Close Lane

8 Houses to the North of Close Lane

A proposal for 8 houses to the North of Close Lane has been submitted.  You can view the proposal and make objections here.

The particular site is to the North of Close Lane, where Dunnocksfold Road meets Close Lane.  It is a particularly dangerous stretch of road and it is also an intrusion into open countryside, beyond the current settlement boundary.

Although this proposal is for a small number of houses, it is contrary to the Town Plan in a number of important ways and in particular, it would be beyond the settlement boundary, into Greenfields and open countryside.

The Town Council has already objected to this proposal strongly, covering the key points and the details of their objection can be seen below.

Please register your objections on the Cheshire East Web Site.

 Town Council Objection to the proposal.

The site is not contained for development within the recently approved Alsager Town Strategy which reflects the wishes and aspirations of its residents. This Strategy clearly accepts the need for housing growth but strongly emphasises that the town’s brownfields sites should be fully utilised before greenfield sites are developed. It is the Town Council’s policy contained in the Alsager Town Strategy that sustained development should take place on existing brownfield sites and there are sufficient brownfield sites in Alsager to meet the town’s future needs. The Town Strategy is being used as an evidence base to inform Cheshire East Council’s developing Local Plan and consequently the Development Strategy endeavours to reflect the approved documents and consultation responses as far as possible. Cheshire East Council and HM Government should recognise the Alsager Town Strategy is of key importance and give weight to it as a material planning consideration with particular regard to the Localism Act, which empowers local people to have a say in the development of their local area.
a. This site is not contained in the current Draft Local Plan and furthermore it is not contained in the ‘possible additional sites proposed by developer and land interest’ recently consulted on by Cheshire East Council.

b. Cheshire East Council state that they have in excess of the required 5 years supply of land identified in the 2012 SHLAA document and this site is not contained therein.

c. The application is an intrusion into the surrounding open countryside and no development should take place on greenfield sites in Alsager or just beyond its boundary, before all brownfield sites are exhausted, to ensure that greenfield sites, which gave access to the countryside, are protected and preserved against residential development.

d. This application if developed would have 3 boundary sides facing open countryside.
e. A fundamental aim of greenfield sites is to prevent urban sprawl by keeping land permanently open. Their essential characteristics are openness and permanence and as such greenfield sites safeguard the countryside and prevent joined up settlements